Welcome to “I’m Bad at Spending Money” a personal finance blog aimed at providing the basic knowledge and tools needed for personal financial management. Since this is my first post I want to give everyone some background information about myself and explain a little about how I plan to develop this blog into a library of resourceful information.

I decided to start a personal finance blog because I often get requests from friends to help them with their finances and through the years I have discovered a TON of people have little to no knowledge when it comes to managing THEIR own money. I strongly believe being financially independent and fiscally responsible is a crucial part to being successful in life, and I want to share my knowledge in an open and interactive way with those who need it.

About two and half years ago I graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a degree in Finance, upon graduation I was offered a job at a Global 100 company (where I was an Intern), as a Financial Analyst and have been working there since. During that time I began the long road towards earning the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation (passed level one in December), and was a founding partner of ABL Capital Partners, an investment partnership I started with three friends from school. I graduated from college with no debt and within a little over two and a half years was able grow my net worth about 8x (or 700%)! Keep in mind as a recent college graduate my net worth was not very high to begin with 😉 but, a great feat in my opinion none the less!

Initially I plan to have two types of posts, “What is?” and “Theory & Practice.” “What is?” will be informative posts which explain basic financial topics; “Theory & Practice” posts will consist of basic financial theory including how to implement the theory. Overall I will keep the posts short, to the point, and as informative as possible. I’m sure I will make changes and adapt along the way, but for now keep an eye out for new posts and feel free to leave comments or suggestions.


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