41% of U.S. adults give themselves a C, D or F on their knowledge of personal finance

I stumbled upon a great article over at Forbes yesterday that I thought was worthy of a post. It speaks to America’s lack of financial literacy and shares some eye opening results from various financial surveys taken in the past few years.

Financial Illiteracy Is Killing Us

My favorite quote of the article:

“The good news is that most college graduates are financially literate. The bad news is that only 28% of Americans graduate from college, leaving nearly three quarters ill-equipped to make critical financial decisions”.

The author makes a point to state that financial education needs to be taken more seriously in our schools and I agree 100%. What about you, do you think personal finance is something that should be given more emphasis in the educational system?


Welcome to “I’m Bad at Spending Money” a personal finance blog aimed at providing the basic knowledge and tools needed for personal financial management. Since this is my first post I want to give everyone some background information about myself and explain a little about how I plan to develop this blog into a library of resourceful information.

I decided to start a personal finance blog because I often get requests from friends to help them with their finances and through the years I have discovered a TON of people have little to no knowledge when it comes to managing THEIR own money. I strongly believe being financially independent and fiscally responsible is a crucial part to being successful in life, and I want to share my knowledge in an open and interactive way with those who need it.

About two and half years ago I graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a degree in Finance, upon graduation I was offered a job at a Global 100 company (where I was an Intern), as a Financial Analyst and have been working there since. During that time I began the long road towards earning the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation (passed level one in December), and was a founding partner of ABL Capital Partners, an investment partnership I started with three friends from school. I graduated from college with no debt and within a little over two and a half years was able grow my net worth about 8x (or 700%)! Keep in mind as a recent college graduate my net worth was not very high to begin with 😉 but, a great feat in my opinion none the less!

Initially I plan to have two types of posts, “What is?” and “Theory & Practice.” “What is?” will be informative posts which explain basic financial topics; “Theory & Practice” posts will consist of basic financial theory including how to implement the theory. Overall I will keep the posts short, to the point, and as informative as possible. I’m sure I will make changes and adapt along the way, but for now keep an eye out for new posts and feel free to leave comments or suggestions.